President's Report

  • 05/01/2020 8:46 AM | Webmaster Admin (Administrator)

    Dear Chapter Members and Industry Practitioners,

    In March, the community and our industry were just entering into the restrictions of Covid-19.

    From all levels of government, and industry, requests to take every precaution that we could were made. Since then, more severe restrictions have been imposed and we have seen unemployment soar as a result, construction limited or halted, and any kind of gathering prohibited.

    We have seen the pandemic touch our lives, and we have seen the impact on some work colleagues, neighbors, friends and family. Our best wishes for a full recovery, go out to those who have contracted the disease. Our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones as a result of the virus.

    The government has started to lift, slightly, some restrictions, but we all know that it will be months or years, if ever, for us to return to life as it was.

    Here at ACI, the suspension of Certification classes continues. We are unsure when classes will recommence, and when they do, if all the facilities that we have been able to use, will be available to us. In addition, class sizes are likely to be reduced. We will email you when we are able to start to plan again.

    Obviously, our Chapter is unable to plan any technical or student events, at this time.

    The big danger now, but a lesson I am sure that we have all observed, is complacency. Complacency on the jobsite leads to accidents and personal injury, complacency in work habits leads to poor quality, complacency in processes also has its negative outcomes. Please do not become complacent, stay healthy, stay alert.


    All the Best,
    Paul Heis
    May 2020

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