Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector

The Southern California Chapter of ACI would like to announce the availability for the 2021 Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector Certification Program including an optional Review Session.  This certification is designed for personnel meeting to following requirements:

1.    At least 5 years of approved work experience or a combination of work experience and education, and
2.    Current ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I Certification, and

  • Receive a passing grade on the ACI plan reading examination, and
  • Receive a passing grade on the ACI written examination of the following ACI and ASTM Standards and publications:

SP-2                 Manual of Concrete Inspection
116R                Cement and Concrete Terminology
117                  Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials
301                  Specifications for Structural Concrete
304R                Measuring, Mixing, Transporting and Placing Concrete
304.2R             Placing Concrete by Pumping Methods
304.5R             Batching, Mixing, and Job Control of Lightweight Concrete
305R                Hot Weather Concreting
306R                Cold Weather Concreting
308                  Curing Concrete
309R                Consolidation of Concrete
318                  Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete
325.9R             Construction of Pavements and Bases
325.10R           Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements
336.3R             Construction of Drilled Piers
345R                Highway Bridge Deck Construction
347R                Formwork for Concrete
543R                Design, Manufacture and Installation of Concrete Piles
C 29                 Unit Weight and Voids in Aggregate
C 94                 Specifications for Ready-Mixed Concrete
E 329               Evaluation of Testing and Inspection Agencies

Your SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER IS Scheduling A Procedure Review meeting ON:

The next Procedure Review Meeting Date and Location TO BE DETERMINED. Please contact  (email below) for information.

This PROCEDURE REVIEW meeting is MANDATORY as study materials and Work/Education Forms will be handed out at this meeting. If you choose to attend the REVIEW session, the dates will be (TO BE DETERMINED) from 5:30 to 9:30pm. The examination dates will be on (TO BE DETERMINED).  All applications and fees must be received at least 14 days prior to the Procedure Review meeting and pre-registration is MANDATORY. Please mail your application and check, as noted in the application.

For more information regarding this program, please contact us at

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