FGI Technician FAQs

Can I be on the waiting list for a class that is marked full?
Yes.  If a session is full will be able to sign up on a wait list.  However, there are no guarantees you will get in a full session on this list! We suggest signing up for an open session and adding to your comments you would like to be notified if someone cancels out of an earlier session.

Can I pay at the first class?
No. All classes must be prepaid online at the time of registration. Instructors are not allowed to handle payments.

Can I pay by credit card over the phone?
All registrations must be done online. If you have a problem paying online, please contact the ACI-SCC Office at info@acisocal.org or 213-290-1282 to pay over the phone.

How do I get a receipt?
Once you register, you will be emailed a receipt.

Where can I get information on classes to be held outside of the Los Angeles area such as San Diego, Las Vegas or Northern California?
Go to the following website for telephone numbers or class  information: http://www.concrete.org or call 248-848-3700 or 877-562-2241.
(Please note: On any website, information on the Southern California classes may not be current.)

Can I obtain a book before the class starts?
The book will be handed out during the first class. If you feel a particular need to study ahead of time, call ACI at 248-848-3700 to purchase a book.
If you obtain one directly from them, you can let us know and we will update your registration to the No Book price.

Is there anything I should bring with me to the class?
Bring a pencil. The workbook will be provided at the first class. 

How do I reschedule my class?
You can reschedule your class no later than 7 days before the registered class date by emailing the ACI-SCC Office at info@acisocal.org or calling 213-290-1282. You will need to indicate the session you are currently enrolled in. The rescheduling/cancellation fee of $100.00 will be deducted from your original invoice. Afterwards, you may register for the next OPEN class.

If I can't attend, can someone else be substituted?
Yes. Simply call or email ahead so we can make the changes before the class starts.

How do I cancel my class?
Email to info@acisocal.org.  A written request is required.  This written request must be received by the ACI-SCC office no later than 7 days before the registered class date.  A $100 cancellation charge will apply.  No shows do not constitute cancellation and refunds will not be given if not cancelled in advance.

How do I register to re-take a written exam?
Visit the ACI-SCC certification calendar and register for the Re-Exam Written Only at any open session.   

How do I register to re-take a performance exam?
Visit the ACI-SCC certification calendar and register for the Performance Exam at any open session. 

Does ACI certification require previous work experience?
No. But the ICC Special Deputy Inspector certification may. Contact ICC for more information. (562) 699-0541.

Does this course qualify for ICC continuing education credit?
Possibly. Contact ICC at (562) 699-0541. 

How many times can I take the tests if I fail?
You can retest as many times as you wish as long as you do it within one calendar year from the date you first took the test. You will be charged the retest fee each time. 

How long is my license good for?
Five years from the date you take your exam regardless of when your previous certification expires. 

If I have a disability can I take the test?
Click here to visit the ADA page for more information.

Can I take or re-take my written exam on a computer?
Possibly. Consult http://www.concrete.org for agencies that may offer the test in this manner. You will need to schedule with ACI-SCC anyway to get take the performance portion, so you really don't save any time or money by taking the test this way. 

Do I have to attend all the training classes?
No, but it is strongly suggested that you do. 

What do I do if I miss a class?
Go to the next class and continue with the program. The instructor should be able to catch you up. If you do not pass the written test, you can schedule a written re-test sooner than you can schedule a performance re-test or reschedule your entire class. 

What happens if it rains or snows?
The classes are held rain or shine. 

I lost my wallet card and need a replacement. Who should I contact?
Contact ACI International at 248-848-3700. 

I don't have my test results yet. What should I do?
Results take 4-6 weeks, and you are the first to know. If after 6 weeks you still don't know, contact ACI International at 248-848-3700. 


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