We are all having to deal with the great changes that COVID-19 has made to all aspects of our lives. As has been said by many others we are all in this TOGETHER.

    As the community restrictions begin to be eased in various ways and in different counties and cities The American Concrete Institute Southern California Chapter is starting to plan to recommence our Certifications programs. We had cancelled some March and all April, May and June sessions. We will recommence sessions in July, beginning with Field Grade 1. Sessions will be offered firstly to those who had been registered in the sessions that were cancelled. When much of the backlog has been addressed, we will be opening up registrations again. Some of the less populated sessions, e.g. Flatwork Finisher will be able to be posted earlier.

    There will be changes to how the sessions will be conducted. The Chapter is observing CDC guidelines for the sessions as well as requirements in-place by the State of California. Precautions will include registrants completing a questionnaire about possible expose or symptoms, the taking of temperatures of attendees prior to entry to facilities. Wearing of masks and social distancing will also apply. The Chapter has commissioned a professional services company to sanitize facilities just prior to sessions and after sessions for the safety of our examiners, the session attendees and the staff of the facility owners. During sessions there will also be personnel present who will sanitize chairs, benches etc. on an as needs basis.

    We are looking forward to the recommencement of our certification sessions and, also soon being able to conduct our other programs.

    In the meantime, we ask everyone to be diligent about their own, their families’, their coworkers and the community’s well-being and stay safe and well.

    Please note our new email address [email protected] for any questions.  Please note any emails sent to our old address ([email protected]) will not be seen and correspondence needs to be sent to our new address.  

    Flatwork Associate & Adv. Flatwork Finisher

    July 25, 2020
    8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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    Oldcastle Precast
    10650 Hemlock Ave
    Fontana, CA 92337


    ***PLEASE READ***
    Thank you for your interest in becoming certified as an ACI Advanced Concrete Flatwork Finisher or Concrete Flatwork Associate. In order to meet the growing demand of this program, we have recently made some changes in order to offer it as a one-day session. Historically, ACI offered this session as nine hours of review with a two-hour written examination, over the course of four weekday evenings. Although the time spent on review has now been reduced to five hours, the requirements placed upon the students to pass the examination remain the same.

    Your course workbook is intentionally supplied to you in advance of the scheduled session date. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly study the workbook prior to attending the session. There will only be a review of each chapter section, and clarification of the main core concepts; there is not enough time to review every concept and application of this course in depth. The responsibility lies upon the student to have a strong understanding of the required content before arriving to this session.

    As a reminder, applicants having a minimum of 4,500 hours of concrete finishing experience (2+ years), who pass the test will be Certified Advanced Concrete Flatwork Finishers. Applicants who pass the test, but do not have the required work experience, will be Certified Concrete Flatwork Associates.

    We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, well-prepared, and we hope you find this instruction a valuable learning opportunity. Please bring a simple-use calculator (smart phones and TI “graphing” calculators are NOT allowed), a photo ID and a #2 pencil.


    In regards to requests for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is not the Sponsoring Group’s responsibility to judge whether or not the individual could do the job if certification is granted. The Sponsoring Group’s only concern is whether or not the individual’s request for accommodation can be provided for and is reasonable. Under the act, the individual making the request must provide written documentation from a doctor or other healthcare provider. The individual must also provide a reasonable amount of lead time to fulfill the special request. We recommend that you include your ADA policy on your web site and/or certification registration forms. The following is provided as an example: 

    “If you have a disability that may impact your participation in this activity, please check here and append a statement regarding your disability-related needs. Someone will contact you prior to the program to discuss accommodations. We cannot assure the availability of appropriate accommodations without prior written notification of need.”

    Upon receipt of a request for ADA accommodation please contact John Nehasil at [email protected] for further instruction. Be sure to copy [email protected] on your request!



    $375.00 ACI Member - Includes class, book, experience verification, & written examination
    $395.00 after 12:00 am July 17

    $425.00 Non Member - Includes class, book, experience verification, & written examination
    $445.00 after 12:00 am July 17

    $285.00 Member - Re-Test – Includes class and written re-exam (requires previous exam & no book)
    $305.00 after 12:00 am July 17

    $285.00 Non Member - Re-Test - Includes class and written re-exam (requires previous exam & no book)
    $305.00 after 12:00 am July 17