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    Our 2019 Pankow Awards Winners

    Awards were handed out at the November 21, 2019 luncheon at the Los Angeles Cathedral

    Congratulations to our Winners!

    Charles J. Pankow, Jr. Award
    UCLA Margo Leavin Art Studio Renovation and Addition
    Owner: University of California, Los Angeles
    General Contractor:
    J.R. Abbott Construction, Inc.
    Structural Engineer: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
    Concrete Contractor: Largo Concrete, Inc.
    Concrete Supplier:
    Johnston Marklee & Associates 
    Submitted by:  Largo Concrete, Inc., Dave Tennis


    Outstanding Achievement & Excellence in Concrete Construction Award
    Santa Monica Proper Hotel
    Owner: Santa Monica Proper JV, LLC
    General Contractor:
    Benchmark Contractors, Inc.
     Architect:  Howard Laks Architects
    Concrete Contractor: Morley Construction Company
    Concrete Supplier:
    Catalina Pacific Concrete
    Structural Engineer: Saiful Bouquet

    Submitted by:
     Morley Construction Company, Jeremy Dominik


    Outstanding Performance in Design and Engineering Award
    LA Memorial Coliseum Renovation (Phase 2)
    Owner: University of Southern California
    General Contractor:
    Hathaway Dinwiddie AECOM HUNT
    Structural Engineer: Nabih Youssef Associates
    Concrete Contractor: The Conco Companies
    Concrete Supplier:
    National Ready Mixed Concrete
    Submitted by:
     The Conco Companies, Nestor Miranda


    Innovative Uses of Concrete in Construction Award
    Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College
    Owner: Pomona College
    General Contractor:
    Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction
    Structural Engineer: Nabih Youssef Associates
    Architect: Gensler
    Design Architect: Machado Silvetti

    Concrete Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction
    Concrete Supplier:
    Holliday Rock
    Submitted by:
     Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction, Melissa Dones


    Excellent use of Concrete in Residential Construction Award
    888 at Grand Hope Park
    Owner: CIM Group
    General Contractor:
    Suffolk Construction Company
    Landscape Architect:
    Concrete Contractor: Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc.
    Concrete Supplier:
    Catalina Pacific
    Submitted by:
     Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc., Brian Nichols


    Decorative Use of Concrete in Construction Award
    5900 Wilshire East Side Improvements
    Owner: The Ratkovich Company
    General Contractor:
    Driver SPG
    Landscape Architect:
    Concrete Contractor:
    Trademark Concrete Systems. Inc.
    Concrete Supplier:
    National Ready Mix
    Submitted by:
     Trademark Concrete Systems, Inc., Allen Worrell